Curb Appeal Checklist

Enhancing The Front Of The Home

Inspect the outside ground. Remove any building materials, scrap wood, discarded household items, etc. from the property. Store garbage cans in the garage.

Check the home from the roof line down.

  • Is the roof free and clear from obstructions and moss?
  • Are the gutters clear and neatly hung?
  • Are the windows clean and free from obstructions (such as overgrown bushes or trees)?
  • Are bushes, trees and shrubs neatly pruned?
  • Inspect the condition of the paint or siding?

  • Is it time to power wash the siding?
  • Is touch up paint needed?
  • Is the front door in good shape?
  • Do flower beds need an upgrade?

  • Are plants neatly pruned?
  • Is the bed free and clear of weeds?
  • Is the bed properly mulched?
  • Are flowers in bloom?
  • Keep the lawn neatly groomed.

  • Is the lawn free from weeds?
  • Is the lawn free from grass clippings?
  • Is the lawn neatly edged?
  •    Flowers Add "Curb Appeal"

     Once you have completed these items, look at the property again through the eyes of the buyer.  If you notice anything that calls attention to the need for repair, get that fixed before putting your home up for sale.  When buyers see things that need to be repaired, updated, and/or cleaned, they will usually just think the house has not been well-maintained and eliminate the house and keep looking for a property that they think shows "pride of ownership."  The few buyers that are willing to do the work themselves, will be expecting  to purchase at a much lower price.  Also if you leave items for the buyers to do that are obvious when they are viewing the home, it is generally going to take much longer to sell, and that alone will result in a lower selling price.  So, you will end up losing money both ways if repairs and updates are not made early on in the process.  Depending on the time of the year you need to sell and move, I would normally recommend that you do these items before you start offering the house for showings.

    Although, in some instances and with some areas or types of properties, there may be exceptions, so it is best to contact me to discuss.  If you are wanting to move before the start-up of the next school year in August or September the best time to get your home on the market is Spring or early Summer, not later than the around the first of June.  However, if it is already July and you just found out that you are going to be transferred and need to sell right away, it may be more to your advantage to get the house on the market as soon as possible, to avoid missing the summer selling season, and work on your to do list right after that.  So, for the most part, it is best to contact me to review your specific situation and plans.  However, if you do have the flexibility to time and start the home selling process early enough in the year, it is usually best to do cleaning, repairs, updates prior to the start of showing the home and, of course, before any photos are scheduled.

      If you need help or additional information, please give me a call to discuss my home staging and marketing program that is complimentary if you list with my company.  I use the home staging program by Martha Webb, "Dress Your House For Success" as one part of my marketing plan.  In addition, I have over 31 years of experience in marketing and selling homes, townhomes, condos, farms and ranches, and luxury homes in the Collin County, North Dallas and Denton County local markets and have a great amount of information over and above this certification program that is also based on all the experiences with staging my clients homes and making recommendations that worked well and resulted in successful sales.  As far as the Home Staging principles and techniques, I  have completed the certification program as a CHMS, Certified Home Marketing Specialist.  After I have met with you and listed your property, I will make some recommendations based on all of these as well as my own experiences as a real estate investor and homeowner that have sold and moved 12 times in the DFW areas which include properties in the Allen, North Dallas, Garland, Frisco, Lovejoy ISD, Lucas, Plano, Collin County, Denton County and others.

    For the most part, the information above applies to residential single-family homes in areas, cities and towns where one of the main reasons for people purchasing real estate in those areas is due to their desire to live in a specific area for that areas's schools and school district's educational programs for their family members.  However, if your property is a condo, townhome, or is in an active adult community for seniors 50-55+ years of age, and/or is in an area that is either age restricted or that areas's real estate market for the type of real estate is not as influenced by the timing of the area's school calendar, then there may be quite a lot more flexibility as to when is the best time to sell those types of residences and locations.

     It has quite often been said that "timing is everything" in real estate, and I do agree that it is in the top three or four of the most important factors in the real estate selling process.  So, please feel free to call me to discuss further when is the best timing for your property type and location.

     I do hope to hear from you if you are considering selling your home in 2011, and would appreciate your contacting me to arrange an appointment to view your property.  Thank you for your consideration.

    "Complimentary, Professional Home Staging Assistance For Clients That List With Our Company"


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