The experts all agree that curb appeal is one of the most important aspects to consider when preparing your home to get it ready to go on the market for sale.   Once the home is on the market and offered for sale,  it is often the front appearance from the street that will influence whether potential buyers with today's busy lifestyles will take the time to come in to see the inside, or never get out of their cars.  


Flowers are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to dress up the front of your house, make it look inviting and instantly increases the curb or drive-up appeal.   Even if the home's front appearance has a lack of real landscaping,  flowers can transform a rather dull and plain looking front yard into one that looks colorful,  lush and more pleasing by directing the eye away from what the home is lacking; such as a lack of mature landscaping.  Especially during the spring, summer and fall seasons, you should take advantage of each season's colors by planting pots and flower boxes reflecting the seasonal flowers that adapt well to the weather at that time of year.  


You should choose colorful flowers that will be in bloom during the time you're selling your home.  Planting the flowers in planter boxes and pots is easier than planting them in the ground and lets you more easily place them where they can have the most visual impact.  Although it is also fine to plant flowers to dress up an area around a tree, the mailbox, a courtyard area or some other special feature in the front yard of a home, if your home is in an area that may have to deal with watering restrictions during the hot months of the year, the potted flowers and planter boxes will enable you to water these items more regularly even when you are not able to water the entire yard.  You don't need to have a green thumb, or spend a lot of money to get great results either.  Visit your local home improvement center or nursery and they will be happy to advise you of the best flowers and plants for your purpose and time of the year.   You can put together several very nice planter boxes and pots of flowers for well under $100.  Also, simple gardening like this is an easy and fun way to relax or can also be an enjoyable activity to share with others members of your family; even small children love to help out in getting the home ready to sell!



 One of the nice things about using flowers in this way is that you'll see the results immediately, and so will prospective buyers visiting your home!



 Flowers & Gardening Adds PizazzTo Your Home



 Click on the link below for a list of garden activities to enhance your home's "curb appeal" and get it ready for showings.



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 Also, after your plant your flowers, if you decide to take on some other gardening projects to really enhance your home's exterior appearance & resale appeal, here are some of my favorite resources for gardening tips and information:



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