Staging Your Home For Holiday Showings...And A Quick Sale!

If you do, indeed, celebrate the Season and decorate for the holidays

while your home is on the market for sale, the following tips should

help you prepare for showings to any prospective buyers that might

be shopping during this busy time of the year. 

   Staging Your Home For Holiday Showings!

   1.) Keep your holiday décor to a minimum, and don’t overdo it.

        Less is definitely more, and choose classic, tasteful pieces.


   2.) Avoid displaying too many holiday collections like multiple

        snowmen, nutcrackers or angels throughout the home. A few

        of these items is fine, but not all over the house. When showing

        the home for sale, you want prospective buyers to focus on the

        home, not the collections.


    3.) Decorations should be in good, like new condition. This is not

         the year to display those worn holiday figurines passed down

         from Grandma, like your favorite Angel with the missing wing

         or the faded & crinkled St. Nicolas from holidays past.


    4.) It is recommended to use an artificial tree this year, to avoid any

         possibility of potential fires when tree lights are left on for buyer

         showings. Some people are highly allergic to real pine or fir

         trees, and this might interfere with their taking the time needed to

         view the home adequately if they are considering buying it.


    5.) Although the tree lights do add to the charm of the Season, never

         leave them on for long period of time while you are away. When

         there is a showing appointment scheduled, turn them on just before

          the showing, and ask the showing agent to call as soon as the buyers

          are finished so you can return home to turn holiday lights off.


     6.) Keep it simple too in decorating the fireplace mantle and hearth.

          If you light the fireplace for showings, use the same wisdom as

          above for the tree lights. Again, use artificial holiday wreaths and

          garlands on or near fireplaces to reduce potential for fire hazards.


     7.) Use winter scented home fragrances with the Christmas tree scent,

          But don’t overdo it; and mist only one main living area to keep

          holiday scents subtle and not overpowering. I had one client use

          a pine cone scented candle in the living area and holiday cookie

          dough candle in the kitchen. It was fabulous, and the home sold quick!


     8.) Outdoor lighting is great since the shorter days during the holiday season

          Usually mean more buyers will likely drive by at night. Update the

          outdoor lighting with clear bright or one single color holiday lights

          accented with holiday wreaths & bright ornaments or bows. Add

          a matching wreath with bright bow to the mailbox & it is smashing!


          Also, if weather permits, some seasonal color is great too!  I would

         suggest eye catching red flowers or flowering shrubs or shrubs with

         red berries.

         Add Seasonal Color When Showing For Holiday Sale!

      9.) If you want to play seasonal background music, play holiday and special

           seasonal tunes from instrumental music, without the words. Just remember

           to keep the volume turned down low to create background music as some

           buyers feel stressed and want to exit if the volume is too loud.

    Seller Tips For Holiday Staging 

If you should decide to take photos of the home with the holiday decorations, be

prompt to take down all holiday decorations once the Season is over and retake

all photos of the home’s interior and exterior without the decorations. Normally

this would need to be done no later than 15th of January if home is not already

under a sales contract by that time.


These same tips can be followed for any open houses or real estate tours that

showcase your home for sale during the holiday season while decorations are

still in place. When carefully and tastefully done, as outlined above, these

have proven to work well to promote the home’s special flexibility for fun

holiday gatherings and help buyers visualize themselves living in the home.


For more information on staging your home to sell during the holiday season,

Call Jeanie Elliott of Jeanie Elliott REALTORS.  Jeanie is a CHMS, Certified

Home Marketing Specialist. The CHMS designation is the only home staging

program recognized by the Texas Association of REALTORS.  A CHMS home

home staging and marketing plan is included when you list your home and

sell with Jeanie Elliott REALTORS at no additional cost.


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