To get your home SOLD quickly, it’s important that other agents in the area show it to as many potential buyers as possible. The first thing a good agent will do when working with buyers is talk to the buyerS and learn what kind of home they are looking for. Then the agent will search all the available homes for those most closely matching what the buyers wants. Next, the agent puts together a list of the best matches to go show to the buyer. When a busy agent is compiling a list of homes to show a buyer, the agent will naturally tend to show those houses that are easiest to gain access to first.  Many homes on the market have “keyboxes” on them. The keybox is a lock box type of device which holds a key to the home, that only qualified local REALTORS and Realtor Board members can access.  The keyboxes being used today by Dallas area REALTORS also have security features built into them where they keep a record of all parties that have  opened these keyboxes, and this information is available to the listing broker/agent and their clients as a security feature.


Homes that are listed as being “on key box, courtesy call to sellers with 15- 30 minutes notice” will get shown much more often than homes listed as “shown by advance notice appointment only- minimum of 2 hours notice or even prior day notice”.  Residential listings that require either the listing broker or owner to be present, or require a key to be made available by special arrangement from the listing broker and are not on a key box, will get significantly fewer showings.  If at all possible, the sellers should let their agent put one of these electronic, security key boxes on the house they are wanting to sell to make it more convenient for the the buyers agents to schedule showings and more adaptable to their buyers schedules to be able to see homes with their broker/agents with shorter notices.


The "Courtesy Call" showing option listed on the Showing Systems service information below, is the option most often recommended by Jeanie Elliott for most sellers.  In this option, the showing service leaves the homeowners either a phone, email or text message to alert them that a showing is scheduled for a specific date and time period, but a return call if not required back to the showing service to authorize the showing provided the service gives the sellers a specific notice prior to the planned showing.  Of course, if the sellers want to reschedule, or the time requested is not possible for the sellers due to prior commitments, etc. then the sellers can notify the showing service they need to reschedule, and the showing service will notify the showing agent and/or listing broker of the change.   With the "Courtesy Call" showing option on occupied homes, the most common notice requested to allow the sellers to get advance notice without limiting the majority of the showing appointment requests, is usually about 30 minutes, and normally not longer than an hour at the most. 

   Of course this can be personalized to fit the needs of the sellers that have special needs; and the showing service is equipped to handle some request with special attention and still

make the home relatively easy to be shown most of the time.


If you can’t do a key box, you need to be sure that you make it as convenient and easy as possible for other agents to show your home.  If they call, do whatever you have to do to accommodate letting them show your home to buyers on their schedule.  If you don’t, the agent will probably show the buyer other homes, and if that buyer makes an offer on one of the other homes, you’ve just lost a great opportunity.


It’s best if you can leave when the agent and buyer arrive to see your home.  Most buyers won’t feel comfortable with you there, and if they are not comfortable they might either leave sooner or not have a good first impression and eliminate the

home altogether.


For more information see additional Showing Tips by CSS, our showing service for clients of Jeanie Elliott REALTORS, below that are recommended by Showing Systems for smooth and pleasant showings:





Please feel free to discuss in more detail or if you have questions about these services.


For more information about how CSS works for our sellers, and makes it easy and efficient to schedule showings for our clients see the link below: 






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